While utilizing Facebook may have been your first instinct when creating a social media plan, it is beneficial to have several streams when it comes to social media marketing. Both Instagram and Twitter offer simple, succinct ways of engaging with audiences. Utilizing these pocket-sized social media platforms correctly will open your business to new audiences you may not have reached otherwise.

Making a Great First Impression

While your website is vital in showcasing all your business has to offer, oftentimes your company’s social media feeds are what a potential consumer will come to first. With both Twitter and Instagram, first impressions are important – people scrolling through their feeds may be seeing your post as the result of engagement from an account that they follow or – in the case of Instagram – through the ‘Explore’ page.  

Upon first clicking on both your Instagram and Twitter profiles, the first things people will see are your profile picture and your account’s bio. (Your Twitter profile will also feature a header.) Make sure all are succinctly consistent with your business’s overall brand. Due to the more visual, grid format of an Instagram profile page, it is also important to ensure that your visual language is clear and corresponds with your brand, especially considering followers and visitors to your profile will see more of an overview perspective of your content.

Options for Engagement

Both Twitter and Instagram offer multiple tools for engagement. Creating and consistently utilizing a hashtag on Twitter – or becoming a part of a larger conversation by engaging with a previously existing hashtag – is a great way to boost engagement. With Instagram’s Stories and Live features, followers have the ability to interact with your account in real time, allowing your business access to comments and opinions that could be beneficial to your growth.

Still need a boost of engagement? Both Twitter and Instagram offer business tools for promoting your content.

Creating a voice for your brand

With both Twitter and Instagram, your business has the opportunity to create a voice for your brand.1 Have a particularly successful tweet or a tweet you feel especially encompasses your brand? Pinning the tweet will insure clients see the post each time they visit your profile. With Instagram, your company can have fun with creating – or continuing – a visual language your client base can recognize and identify with.

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