{I have known David both personally and professionally for over 20 plus years. He has handled all my advertising needs for several years. During that time i have seen a significant growth in both my business revenue, name brand and recognition. I attribute much of this to his choices of advertising mediums as well as his creative abilities. David makes it work with my limited budget. I would highly recommend Allen Media to any business looking for a smart and creative way to spend their advertising dollars.
Dan Webster
Owner Webster’s Fish Hook Restaurant
{Allen Media has really helped us re-establish our identity in the marketplace. With a hands on approach they were able to strategically and economically make plans that worked for us. Thanks Allen Media!
David Wasenda
President Hickory Ridge Golf Club
{Allen Media is a full service agency that helps clients builds their businesses. David knows and understands the local, regional and national markets and has the ability to generate top results due to his strong relationships in each market. He is passionate about his clients and it shows!
Jenn Margolis
Development Office-MGO Cooley Dickinson Hospital
{Being the owner of a business, there is nothing worse than getting calls from various media reps wanting to sell you on something. They want 10 minutes of your time and end up taking an hour. When I met with David Allen, I thought it was going to be more of the same, a waste of time. But instead of trying to "sell me" on his business, he explained what he does and how it works in about 10 minutes. I was shocked not to hear a long, drawn out sales pitch, so I decided to give him a shot. That was one of the best business decisions I made. When it came to advertising, he genuinely thought about what was in the best interest of the company and did not push his own agenda. I was kept in the loop about every decision that was made. If you want an agency you can trust and that does not push what is in his best interest, then David is the right guy for you.
David Mason
President North Bay Imports
{Prior to my retirement, I have worked with David Allen for over ten years. The first impressive quality that he possesses is his work ethic. David will work tirelessly for his clients. He becomes a 24/7 advocate for them. The work he does is based on solid knowledge of the markets. David has immersed himself in knowing about all the tools needed to produce effective work. He is comfortable with the major media outlets including newspaper, radio, TV, and billboard as well as a strong approach to the ever changing digital advertising arena. David and his team at Allen Media are well versed in the production skills to develop creative work in all categories.
Mark Iacuessa
Advertising Director (retired) Daily Hampshire Gazette
{We have been working with David Allen and Allen Media for many years on Johnny’s Bar & Grille, Johnny's Tap Room and IYA Sushi. The creativity, industry knowledge and all around media skills David and his team provides is “key” to our advertising and marketing success. David truly takes a personal interest in his clients. David Allen offers new and creative ideas for our restaurants, and all within budget. Allen Media is the advertising agency you should have on your team!
Nick Yee
Johnny’s Bar & Grille, Johnny’s Tap Room, IYA Sushi & Noodle Kitchen South Hadley, MA.
{I just wanted to write you and thank you as well as the superb members of Allen Media for a job well done. The HTR Group of Fiduciaries and Investment Advisor Representatives relationship with your firm has been most beneficial to say the least. I just ran all my numbers to complete my 2017 taxes and have reviewed our practice to see what strategies worked best and those that needed re-working. By far your firm and our fees to it have paid off handsomely. In my 1st full year with your firm as an Investment Advisor and Insurance Producer the numbers tell me that I did more business in the first quarter of this year than almost all of 2017. Like a plane on a runway our first few quarters with your firm we could FEEL the thrust building up. In the last two quarters our volume went pure vertical; bigtime. What I appreciated the most was your offered advice and counsel even when my advertising dollars could not run thru your firm because of my franchise arrangement on my financial radio shows. However, your advices to wrap a commercial campaign around my radio shows, sponsor the morning and evening “traffic reports”, and certainly arranging a luncheon with Jim Polito, our local talk show host extraordinaire, to obtain his Live Reading endorsements of me and my firm acted as a “Force Multiplier” in our overall marketing successes. Thank you Dave and please do share this with your team members. Again BRAVO JOB WELL DONE!!!!
Richard Pelletier
Johnny’s Bar & Grille, Johnny’s Tap Room, IYA Sushi & Noodle Kitchen Help to Retire
{David Allen and his team at Allen Media manages all aspects of my advertising & marketing which allows me to focus the proper time and attention on my core businesses. Allen Media takes a time consuming aspect of business, advertising, social media, contracts, deadlines and simplify it down to one decision I make each month. Priceless!”
Edison Yee
Johnny’s Bar & Grille, Johnny’s Tap Room, IYA Sushi & Noodle Kitchen Bean Restaurant Group with locations throughout New England
{Dear Dave: As the saying goes ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. However, Allen Media certain can and has taught me about Online Marketing, Radio advertising, TV, and Cable TV marketing; all to enhance my prior seminar platform channel to acquire new clients. It’s been incredibly rewarding watching my inbound inquires from TV, Cable, Radio advertising, Online, and Website all inter-connected and mutually supportive dramatically growing my business. Our 1st full year with your firm was the largest production of any of my 30+ years in business and due in no small part to your firm’s advice and programs. You and your creative staff have done a marvelous job developing our professional image, placing us in constant view and listening of our prospective clients, and increased the inbound traffic for my practice. Sincerely, Richard J. Pelletier, J.D.
Richard J. Pelletier, J.D.
Founder and Senior Associate HTR Group
{Allen Media always has the clients' best interest in mind. Through Davids' vast industry experience and hard work, he is able to create an effective and creative approach to marketing and advertising. With budgets these days, he is able to get the most bang for your buck
Edward Brown
President New York Sound & Motion LLC.

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