Why bother doing live video marketing?

Live streaming or live video is a huge opportunity for a business to gain exposure and increase sales. Live video gives customers an inside look and relationship with the company sharing. Customers prefer watching a live video over reading a blog! Live streaming also offers the customer to communicate with the video in real time. This gives customers the ability to interact with the company and share with friends, family, or coworkers to watch with them. People also never want to miss out on anything! They want to know what happens next and the first to see or know about it. 

Best Video Marketing Platforms

The most popular video marketing platforms are Facebook live, Instagram live, and YouTube live. Most people receive a notification when a live video has been started by someone they follow. As we all know, Facebook stands on the top of the social media world! Facebook live reaches a massive audience every day because of the millions of users online. Whether you are looking to broadcast an event happening at your organization, or interact with your audience with a feel of one-on-one, live video marketing is here for you.

Instagram live has around 100 million uses daily! Instagram live offers your audience to watch your stream in real time or 24 hours after it was filmed. Your audience wants to see what you post and will be actively checking your page each day to see your content.

YouTube is the home base of video consumption. Whether you are looking for a tutorial, tips, or funny cat videos, YouTube is the core spot. Live streaming on YouTube can be a little bit trickier compared to the others. Unlike Facebook live or Instagram live, YouTube live gives you more control of the live stream.

How can live video boost your business?

Live video marketing gives your customers an insight into your business. When your customers feel more connected to your organization or business, they are more likely to recommend you your product or service. Live video marketing also gives you a new way spread awareness or announcements. This means promoting events or a new product offered. Customers like to be the first to know and this gives them the incentive to buy whatever you’re selling first. Get involved on live video and watch your business grow right before your eyes!