Media Buying & Negotiation

Media Buying & Rate Negotiation

Plan your Next Media Strategy with Allen Media

Allen Media, Inc. plans, budgets, negotiates and buys media on behalf of the client. Placement fee is 15% of the gross amount spent. Most all Media outlets grant this discount to Allen Media, Inc. Therefore, there is no additional cost to the client for using Allen Media, Inc. for this service.

To effectively reach the target Designated Market Area (DMA), we recommend the use of a media “mix” of traditional, electronic, mobile and social media outlets. In some cases, we will compliment the campaign with online and on site advertising.

We utilize various research tools such as Nielsen (TV) and Arbitron (Radio) in addition to Scarborough, Marshall Marketing and Tapscan Research. Achieve the lowest possible rates through a “cost per point” (CPP) and a “cost per thousand” (CPM) to capture the best Reach & Frequency within the budgetary restraints. Negotiate commercial and ad placements and request “bonus weight” where available.

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