With over two billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, but as the times change, younger audiences are leaving Facebook to explore the more influential, exciting realm of other social media platforms. According to a recent study, YouTube is the second most popular social networking site, with nearly two billion active users. Not to mention, YouTube boasts a global reach of 70 percent of traffic outside of the United States.

So why do people love YouTube so much?


Would you rather scroll through social media for hours on end, or watch videos that interest and inspire you? For most, it’s a no-brainer. Viewing content is a more effective, entertaining way to engage with consumers. On YouTube, users can create content on whatever they please, and by posting videos and doing what they enjoy, the followers will come naturally. Additionally, word-of-mouth is the most powerful way to market. When influencers talk about certain brands, products, and services, it is more likely to resonate with consumers rather than written, fabricated advertisements.

Built-In Target Audience

On YouTube, your target audience is defined by who views, likes, or subscribes to your YouTube channel and videos. By getting a feel for who your audience is, you can better cater your content to that group of people. YouTube is engaging in a way that subscribers can comment and ask questions on your videos. This feature allows consumers to engage and discuss with other people, and gives influencers a feel for how to best please their target audience.


In the early days of YouTube, people posted videos for fun, not fully realizing how much attention one silly video could get. As YouTube has gained popularity, the site has progressed immensely. Videos are more likely to go viral based off the amount of interest and engagement among viewers. One of the powerful features on YouTube is its home page which presents the trending videos of the day, based off of what is popular among other viewers in addition to what may interest you. The wider an audience a video reaches, the more popularity a channel receives.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step

As social media has progressed throughout our digital era, the world of marketing and advertising has changed drastically as well. So don’t limit your brand to old ways. It’s time to explore newer, more exciting, and more influential methods to bring out the best in your brand.

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