Instagram now has a bigger user base than Twitter. Instagram is now being used to market businesses, models, promote products, and more! This post will feature the Instagram marketing hacks for your business and how you can take advantage of this information.

Switch to a business profile

The first Instagram marketing hack is to change your Instagram into a business profile. You simply go to settings and click on “Business profile”. This feature will add a contact button, which will enable people to directly contact you for business. A business profile allows you to publish and create Instagram ads for your convenience.

Using the Instagram tool “Insight”

When promoting your business, it is a good idea to make use of stats to see how well your business is doing on Instagram and ways to improve it. Instagram offers the tool Insight; this tool allows you to see stats of the engagement, follower, age range, and more. This tool is completely free and can even be used for a specific post. This tool is the perfect way to interact with your content. The more you know about your posts the better ways you can improve your business and engagement.

An important part of social media is also to engage with your followers. There needs to be interaction in order to drive your business. Think of it like communication, it isn’t a one way street instead two ways. If you build an engaged audience you need to interact and acknowledge your followers. Someone posted an interesting comment? Post and share your thoughts!

Create Sponsored Ads

Another Instagram marketing hack is sponsored ads. This targets new possibilities and this can help boost your posts and promote your account overall. Take advantage of this by using content to target audiences. This also could bring in potential new customers to your profile. If you visit a makeup company like Sephora and interact with their posts. There is a chance you’ll see other makeup companies being advertised to you.

Hash Tags

There is no better way to reach out to other people than using #hashtags.  Create an interactive hashtag to interact and engage with the Instagram community. This allows people to search through your brand with the hash tag.

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