What is Mobile Text Marketing?

Mobile text marketing is a form of SMS marketing. This marketing campaign delivers text messages from your company to its customers.  Simply put, this is when a customer gives authorization to receive subscribed text messages from your business. Text marketing is also one of the most affordable marketing and message programs for your business. Your business can send out current specials, promotions or coupons, and the signed up text customers can know first.

How Will Mobile Text Marketing help your business?

The open rate for text messages is 98%! This is outstanding. A majority of people might ignore an app notification, but never a text message. Text messages are immediate and are actually more likely to be opened than an email. You also have the ability to personalize the text messages to better appeal your loyal customers. Whether you are looking to have your customers visit your business or website, it is only a text away. These text campaigns can be unique and feel more intimate and direct toward your subscribed customers.

How to Get Involved?

Allen Media is here to work with you to create unique and successful texting campaigns.  We have mastered the most effective way to reach customers in an affordable manner. Allen Media works with every industry and can help boost your marketing and create interaction between your business and customers. Fill out a contact form to find out how we can work together!