While social media can be a powerful tool for advertising your brand and attracting an audience, it is always smart to know the plethora of options available for spreading the word. Bringing your brand into the “real world” can make your brand tangible in ways social media cannot.

Evaluate your graphic design 

The first step in achieving your desired marketing goals – whatever they may be – is to first evaluate your graphic design (particularly your logo). Does it feel unique? Is it concise? Is it authentic to your brand? If you answered no to any of these questions, it may be time for an update. Consider hiring a professional to help gussy up your brand.

Beyond business cards 

Though an eye catching business card or an expertly designed brochure can be a great asset, they are often relegated to desk side drawers and bulletin boards. The clever marrying of effective graphic design with items that fit well with your brand can help audiences create a tangible connection with your business. However, this is about more than just stamping your logo on a hat. Take time to consider which items are consistent with the tone of your brand as well as items that your audience might actually find useful.

Sending the right message 

Creating physical marketing items can be a great exercise in covertly selling your brand. Use this opportunity to display a truth about your brand’s philosophy that may not be apparent through your other marketing channels. Don’t be afraid to be bold with words and type. And remember: concision is a powerful thing. Saying exactly what you need in few words is often more impactful than being excessively verbose.

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