1. Commit to it!

Making a commitment to your social media pages is the first step for success in your business. Customers like to see active social media from business. This makes your business feel fresh and updated! Consistency can be challenging but having splendid content can increase your audience and engagement. Start with a plan. Sort out what days you can post exciting content or information for your customers.

2. Understand the trends

People like to follow social media accounts that are fun and trendy. In any type of business it can sometimes be difficult relating your product or service to current trends or happenings. Recognizing what people want, gives your business a head start on producing quality up-to-date products and services. This makes it easy for you to post gripping fresh content!

3. Bring your personality

Customers want to know that there isn’t just a robot writing on your businesses social media accounts. Showing personality in a social media post takes out the boring and brings in the fun and human aspect. People will follow social media accounts that they feel connected to. Not only will this increase you’re following, but grow your business and movement toward your website. 

4. Promotions!

Social media may be considered a form of “free” advertising, but there are aspects of social media ads that you can pay for. Facebook advertising is one of the top growing social media platforms. Their price continues to increase because of the demand for the services. You have the ability to utilize paying for ads to get more customer attention. You can target a specific type of customer or area for your products or services with these paid ads.

5. Take advantage of feedback

The great thing about social media is that you can get feedback at anytime. You could post about your product or service and get feedback seconds after or days later. Asking your followers or customers for feedback is essential in growing your business. This is where you need to take advantage of social media and reactions to posts. Are your customers going to help you choose your next special service offered? Or are they helping you figure out what to post on your social media pages, i.e. videos, gifs, blog posts, etc? When your followers know their opinion matters and have an impact on your business, they look forward to engaging with your content!

6. Get to know the numbers

Say you’re posting consistently on your social media business pages and seeing no change in profit, customers, or followings. This is when your pages might need a change. Looking at the analytics of your posts can be helpful in understanding what really reaches people. Finding out if people like to watch videos or read blog posts are two very different things. You must read and understand the analytics of your social media business campaigns. This also may vary depending on what content you post to on different social media platforms. Numbers matter and can determine what you may be doing right or wrong on social media for your business.