Email marketing is used to promote content, events, deals, and also direct people towards business websites. There are many ways to email market from blog subscriptions, follow up emails, welcome emails, promotions, loyalty memberships, etc. Something that this blog will be covering is customer nurturing. Customer nurturing is when you develop a relation with the buyer through email.

1. Lead Nurturing

Email marketing for lead nurturing is when you allow your brand to stay in frequent touch with keeping you and the consumer in mind. That way when the consumer is ready to buy they’ll go straight to the website or via link in the email.

2. Segment leads

Whenever someone new just subscribed to your emails, this can help you with information on who they are, without giving out too much information. Segmentation allows you to send them what they want without crafting individual emails. Segmentation splits the customers by age, gender, location, or however the company wants it to be. 

3. Automate your Emails

Once you’ve placed the customer into proper and relevant segments or categories, it is time to take advantage of automating your emails. Automating the email ensures that your subscribers won’t miss deals or opportunities. Scheduling your emails in advance will also let your subscribers see the email on time.

All companies are excited when a customer buys their product, but constant communication via email will allow you to introduce them to more exclusive deals and products which in turn will result in more sales down the road.