In an age where social media platforms are inundated with advertisements, merely displaying your products and/ or services is not enough. Inciting an emotional response is a smart tactic for creating a lasting bond between you and your target consumer. While the execution of this technique varies, here are some things to keep in mind when attempting to connect with your audience on this level.

Be a Storyteller, Encourage Community

Don’t shy away from telling the stories and experiences of not only your consumers and/ or workforce, but those from your community as well. If your audience is aware that you care for the experiences of the people who allow your company to thrive as well as their friends, families, and colleagues, it is more likely that they will put their trust in your service.

Think Small, Be Unexpected

It is important to make your audience feel as though your service and/ or product were created with them in mind. Honing in on specific, smaller everyday moments allows your audience to envision themselves incorporating your product or service seamlessly into their lives.

Ironically enough, this approach to “thinking small” can be seen on a large scale with companies like Amazon and Apple. In two particular commercial spots, a slightly overwhelmed father cares for his child with the help of the Amazon Echo 1 and a group of school children complete their science project with an iPad 2. In both approaches, devices that offer an impressive set of technological amenities are utilized in less than glamorous settings by “normal” people for “normal” purposes.

This approach to “thinking small” also allows your target audience to think of your brand in new and unexpected ways. A consumer that once may have assumed that your brand was not the right fit for their lifestyle may realize that, in actuality, their everyday experience can be enhanced by your services.

Speak the truth

While it is tempting to paint your company as a force that can do no wrong, it is fundamentally important to be honest with your audience. Abandoning knee-jerk biases and remaining authentic to the actual abilities and limitations of your products and/or services is essential. In other words, claiming your product is able to do something that it cannot is a no-no. This authenticity forms a level of trust between you and your audience making them more likely to become a return consumer.

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